Holistic May May’s

14 Day Guided Sugar Detox

6th Sept 2021 to 19th Sept 2021

This is NOT your standard DETOX.

Have you been on the fence for my 6 week signature program SUGAR FREE-ING FOR MENTAL CLARITY

Do you find yourself doing detox after detox? Diet after diet? Finding yourself back in the same place every time? Then these guided 14 days are for you. This is NOT YOUR STANDARD CUT EVERYTHING OUT, THROW EVERYTHING OUT KIND OF DETOX. 

I encourage you to do it slowly. I encourage small steps. I encourage you to do it in stages. And I have laid it all out for you. 

This is a slow and steady way to help bring on a natural detox and to get you ready for my 6 week program. If Sugar Free-ing for Mental Clarity has been a fear this will help you and your body realise YOU CAN start choosing better for yourself and your health. 

I have complete faith in you! I have made it so easy for you: 

The planning is done for you!
Meal Planner!
Shopping list!
Removing sugars are done in stages!
10 min natural sugar snacks!

Benefits for kicking the addiction?

Balanced Mood
Clearer Skin
More energy
Be toxin free
Reduce illness
Stronger immune system

What you get

A guided detox

I will guide you through each day with daily emails, daily motivation and 2 LIVE sessions.

Recipes and Cooking

I will share recipes with you and will doing 2 Live cooking sessions with you. 

Planning done for you

I have done all the planning for you! You will receive a shopping list the week before we begin and a daily meal planner for you to personalise. (It will contain meals that you can move around to suit you and your family).


May May’s snack attack recipe pack. (R99)
A one on one with me, your Holistic Health Coach. (R1100)

All this for just R450!

I will be your helping hand through each day.

“The 14 day sugar Detox was a great way to slowly shift my mindset toward better eating habits. Love the concept of crowding in healthier foods and habits. Definately recommended for steady and sustainable sugar detoxing.” – Sutika B.

Mayuri’s fun-filled enthusiastic nature and knowledge of sugar and it’s effects on ones vitality was absolutely amazing. She was patient with us newbies and truly guided us and explained everything step by step. Her motto slow and steady is all I needed to stay motivated and committed. .” – Kavita V.

Mayuri’s empathetic approach to teaching me about sugar and my relationship with food has helped me build more confidence in feeding and healing my body without the pressure of strict diets. I am far more conscious about reading ingredients and understanding the different ways sugar finds it’s way into our food..” – Nadine M.

I enjoyed the detox because it was a slow and gradual change to giving up sugary foods and drinks and after the 14days I have managed to maintain and have moved away from many sugary foods and drinks and learnt what to eat and drink that is a healthy replacement. Thanks May May for the valuable information and transformation during the 14 day sugar detox. I have learnt a lot and added a lot of the detox to my everyday lifestyle.– Hemisha R.