Overcome Food and Sugar Addiction with Gradual Shifts through a Gentle Transformation!


Are you ready to stop crash dieting and take charge of your health and future self now?

Shift your sugar habits for a sharper clearer mind.

The Simple Sugar Shift formally known as The Sugar Crush is a 6-week program designed to help you become a more energised and healthier you. Learn to rewire your brain, manage your sugar cravings and transition to delicious and healthy meals and snacks. There is a self guided and a group coaching version available.

From constant IBS, anger, anxiety frustration and pain to living healthy and sugar free.

As my home decor and silkscreen printing business unravelled, and my mom was undergoing chemo, my dad suffered a massive stroke.

Under pressure, I was devastated. In this whirlwind of misfortune, I found Integrative Nutrition, a journey that helped me heal not just my body, but also my mind. 

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Are you an emotional eater?

“Of course my eating is emotional, I am in love with the food I eat” - Mayuri Ramkolowan, 2013 “Of course I love my food, it takes care of my mental health” - Mayuri Ramkolowan, 2023 If you asked me 10 years ago if I was an emotional eater I would have shamefully...

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The Indian Moringa

The Indian Moringa

Introduction About this RecipeBy: Mayuri Source: Kitchen1112.com  Moringa is quite a popular name we hear these days. Grind it throw it into your smoothies/oats or even add to your juice. One of my nephews is even smart enough to be selling moringa seeds online. But...

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The Sharp-Shoot Biryani

The Sharp-Shoot Biryani

Introduction About this RecipeBy: Mayuri Source: Kitchen1112.com    In my memory bank, Sundays were the perfect days growing up. It consisted of swimming all day long, watching Formula 1 Grand Prix – I was a die hard Damon Hill supporter (that clearly gives my age...

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“Being coached by Mayuri was life changing to say the least! It was incredibly informative, supportive and insightful. Mayuri helped me find and maintain a home/work, stress controlled life balance which is so important in the fast pace we choose to live today. To regain control, Mayuri helped me with a healthy solution for keeping my Pcos in check and to successfully identify and manage the triggers of my stress- I am so thrilled to say that I no longer have stress induced back pain! and I’m a mom to a healthy happy baby boy! Thank you my Mayuri! I can’t wait to sign up for another 6 months. ” 
Rozan Cochrane

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