Enroll now and shift your sugar habit at your own pace,

Learning to live a healthy life does not need to be an “All or Nothing” journey. Join me in a guided experience which will enable you to SLOWLY and SIMPLY move over to a natural sugar lifestyle. This type of lifestyle will result in you freeing your body from the toxins that processed sugars and refined carbs create, removing the dread of damage we all fear.

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What to expect

A 6 Module course run through a private platform where you will have access to all the content for as long as you need. Scroll down to see the module breakdown.

You will have access to recipes and tools to help you shift slowly over to healthier lifestyle free from dieting and restriction. 

Weekly tasks to help you integrate new habits.

If you choose Simple Sugar Shifts 2.0 you will have access to LIVE ZOOM group coaching sessions. 

What we’ll learn

You will supported in making step-by-step, easily integrated food and lifestyle choices, with a focus on overcoming food and sugar addictions, emotional eating patterns as well as managing anxiety and stress.

Getting comfortable in the kitchen is a huge part of this program. Shifting towards becoming more confident in making healthier snacks and meals for yourself and your loved ones. 

How to know if this is something for you:


  • Stress and Anxiety form a major part of your day.
  • Stress / emotional eating is something that you struggle with.
  • You crave sugary products.
  • You crave processed food.
  • You would like to have calmer more focused days.
  • You picture / dream of a time when life was simpler and calmer.
  • You feel overwhelmed with trying to eat healthy.
  • Your inner voice says you could NEVER GIVE UP SUGAR!

What you can gain from this program:


  • Understanding the relationship between sugar and your mind / body. 
  • Understanding sugar.
  • Become comfortable cooking with natural sugars.
  • Stabilising your blood sugar levels
  • Reduced feelings of anxiety and stress
  • Clearer skin
  • Better bowel movements
  • You may even experience some weight loss.

WEEK 1 : UNDERSTANDING SUGAR – are you addicted?
WEEK 2 : CURBING CRAVINGS – do you understand them and how to curb them by getting to the root cause.
WEEK 3 : DETOXING AND SLEEP – physical and mental detox & the role sleep plays in our health.
WEEK 4 : EXPERIMENTING WITH FOOD – satisfy your tastebuds naturally. A week filled with favourite recipes.
WEEK 5 : SUGAR AND YOUR LIVER – how damaged is your liver? How to heal your liver.
WEEK 6 : FORGIVENESS AND MENTAL HEALTH – learning the art of self forgiveness.

The Simple Shift

R470 | $27


  • Interaction with other members experiencing similar struggles,
  • A week full of recipes,
  • Daily motivation,
  • Weekly learning videos, with weekly tasks and simple easy to follow healthy tips split into 6 modules. 

Simple Sugar Shifts 2.0 –

The all inclusive package

Next group begins May 13th 2024


R1777 | $97


  • Interaction with other members experiencing similar struggles,
  • A week full of recipes,
  • Access to me 24/5 via the Facebook Group and email,
  • Daily motivation,
  • Weekly learning videos, with weekly tasks and simple easy to follow healthy tips split into 6 modules. 
  • Weekly LIVE ZOOM sessions every Thursday at noon Central African Time (recordings will be available to you).

“I was very anxious to start the program because I have been failing to control my cravings in a healthy manner. There was control and binging. However, once the program started, engaging with the mentor and fellow sugar-frees was seamless, fun & inspiring. I felt I could finally take responsibility of my health and eating habits without having to struggle through each day, and having Holistic May May in my corner was empowering!”
Nisha Thakur, Zambia

It’s been an incredible 6 weeks, I love that it was not extreme. A slow integration of removing items and introducing new ones. If you fall of just get back on again, balance is so important. It was also great to understand more about the affect of certain foods on my body, helps to be able to crowd them out. Thank you Mayuri
Kushma Morar, Johannesburg

I have learnt so much about myself in the last 6 weeks. I am very grateful for all the tools Mayuri has provided me with, to help heal my body,mind & soul. I used to love sugar and couldn’t imagine my life without sugar. Mayuri taught me how to sleep and crowd in healthy alternative foods very slowly. It has been transformational for my own life. I lost a total of 10kgs in 4 months. I no longer have sugar cravings and the feeling of being hungry all the time has gone. I have better sleep patterns now as well. My life has definitely transformed for the better. Thanks for teaching me how to show up and care for myself Mayuri. 
Keshel Jeena, Cape Town (Keshel also completed the 3 month booster program)