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Personalised one-on-one Coaching.

In my Health Coaching programs, which run for 3 or 6 months, I work with you to implement food and lifestyle changes that will help you reach your health goals in a sustainable and lasting way.  

Simple Sugar Shifts

Learning to live a healthy life does not need to be an “All or Nothing” journey. Join me in a guided experience which will enable you to SLOWLY and SIMPLY move over to a natural sugar lifestyle. This type of lifestyle will result in you freeing your body from the toxins that processed sugars and refined carbs create, removing the dread of damage we all fear.

Slow and Steady Toolkit to being Sugar Free.

Have you been on the fence for my 6 week signature program Simple Sugar Shifts

Do you find yourself doing detox after detox? Diet after diet? Finding yourself back in the same place every time? Then this toolkit is for you. This is NOT YOUR STANDARD CUT EVERYTHING OUT, THROW EVERYTHING OUT CHALLENGE.

I encourage you to do it slowly. I encourage small steps. I encourage you to do it in stages. And I have laid it all out for you.

5 Day Sleep Challenge.

Can you picture a future where you are managing your emotions and stress and you are enjoying quality sleep? Where you are waking up feeling rested and refreshed? Join this challenge to allow your body to receive the rest it so desperately deserves.


Before I meet Mayuri I thought I was living my dream life, I had many goals and I wanted to lose weight but I feel like I was stuck in one place. From the first session she was so amazing with everything she did with me. First thing she taught me was how to eat healthy and live a healthier lifestyle, she taught me how to love myself and say no to people without feeling bad, she taught me how to set my dreams and to make short, medium and long term goals. Now I have balance and more discipline in all area of my life. Thank you “you’re the best”
Lesego Meko

About Mayuri

I teach people how to create a balanced and anxiety free life with a holistic approach to lifestyle and nutrition.

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